Job Title
Shipping Clerk
Employment Type
Full Time
1 to 2 years
Job Published
25 May 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

  • collate and process product orders
  • obtain scheduled shipment information from customer service/sales
  • prepare paperwork for shipments
  • pull correct inventory from storage
  • quality check products while picking and packing
  • verify orders are accurately filled
  • ensure correct packing techniques for outgoing merchandise
  • prepare bills of lading and maintain documentation of goods shipped
  • print shipment labels and customs documents where necessary
  • ensure shipments are properly identified and labeled
  • coordinate with delivery drivers to pick up shipments from the warehouse
  • check delivery drivers in and out through the day
  • provide outbound detail reports and bills of lading
  • ensure shipments are properly loaded into delivery and transport vehicles
  • track and update the status of outgoing shipments
  • liaise with operations and logistics to ensure shipments are completed as scheduled
  • notify customer service on any schedule or order changes
  • prepare and maintain records of items shipped
  • enter daily activity information into electronic platforms, logs or information board
  • scan and count inventory accurately
  • maintain and update inventory records
  • compile regular reports for management
  • respond to customer requests and concerns
  • maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition
  • comply with all safety regulations
  • adhere to standard operating procedures